Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need StatCrew to use CGStatLink?

No! You can still use CGStatLink to handle your scorebug in Manual Mode. The user interface (UI) is designed to work just with mouse clicks. The optional Control Surfaces can provide quick data entry with minimal staffing. In Pro versions, you don’t have the advantage of updated stats, but you can still enter roster data before the game begins and send out static player data to lower thirds!

What are the System Requirements?

CGStatLink requires a Windows 7 operating system. The programs are fairly light on system resources, so in most cases you can run it on the same system as LiveText, Wirecast, or any other CG system without additional RAM or hardware. To run the built-in CG you will need a second computer monitor with a preferred (not required) resolution of 1920×1080.

Does My License Expire?

CGStatLink operates on a subscription/renewal based model. You can activate any version of CGStatLink for a set number of days depending on the license you purchased. When the license expires you can reactivate it through our secure Customer Portal.

How Do I Get Updates?

CGStatLink will periodically check in with our secure Customer Portal for updates. When a new version of your product is available, you will be prompted to download it and install the new version. Updates are free for one year from the purchase date, after which you need to purchase an Annual Maintenance Plan to continue receiving updates.

I Placed an Order but Did Not Receive a Confirmation Email?

Our secure registration server is hosted by a third party. The emails that the server sends out sometimes get caught in spam filters or may seem suspicious to email server filters. At any rate, if you did not receive your email within an hour of ordering, you can always log back in to your Customer Portal and get your license ID and a copy of your invoice. If you absolutely need the information in an email, contact us.



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