How CGStatLink Works

CGStatLink is a Windows-based data translator. While it does have some built-in CG capabilities, it’s primary function is filtering down the large amount of statistical data in StatCrew game files and presenting them to your Character Generator to populate template pages.




Is CGStatLink REALLY Automated?

Yes and no! CGStatLink is automated in the sense that game status and stats are updated automatically. All Lite products can run with almost zero user intervention once configured for a game. But functions like changing what page you want to show in your CG will require user intervention. For schools and production companies that don’t have StatCrew, Manual Mode makes it easy to update your scorebug and some stats the old fashioned way, too!


What’s the Benefit of StatCrew?

Creighton Athletics uses CGStatLink to power the scorebug for their webstream and in-venue monitors for the College World Series

At the college level, StatCrew is ubiquitous for tracking game status and stats. The hosting school already has someone entering stats as the game unfolds, and they’re probably using StatCrew. StatCrew does a fantastic job of tracking team AND individual player stats. All the information is there already– why duplicate that effort? With CGStatLink, you reap the benefits of the hard-working statisticians whose sole job is to make sure stats are entered quickly and accurately!



Can My Scorebug Be Customized?

Defining image paths to update your customized scorebug in your CG takes just a few mouse clicks!

Defining image paths to update your customized scorebug in your CG takes just a few mouse clicks!

The graphics package for the internally-generated CG can be customized, with some effort, by manually editing our free graphics packages. But if you’re using a Character Generator like Chyron, LiveText, etc… you can design your custom scorebug in that CG and link certain text fields and images to the dynamic keys in the CGStatLink output file. When the file updates, your scorebug updates, too! You can set this up once and in the future all you need to change is the team logos. Link any instance of a team logo to the home or visiting team logo keys and quickly update several pages by changing the logo file paths in CGStatLink!


Bridgewater College uses uses a custom scorebugfor their DIII webcasts.

Bridgewater College uses uses a custom scorebugfor their DIII webcasts.

“As a Sports Information Director at a small, private institution, we are always taxed by staffing concerns and taking the time necessary to train numerous students on the proper use of our equipment. CGStatLink takes one of the most time-taxing and intricate parts of our broadcast – scorebug graphics – and makes the updating of those boards completely seamless. The software allows us to utilize our statisticians computer our scorebug that we designed in house to have the look that we wanted. This allows our students to spend more time concentrating on grabbing the best shot and less time on manual scorebug updating. CGStatLink is an incredible time saver and was well worth the investment.”

Tim Leister
Director of Athletic Media Relations
Bridgewater College


 How Does CGStatLink Access the Game XML File?

There are two options: you can map the StatCrew computer and the CGStatLink computer to a common shared network folder, or use StatCrew Cloud Connector to send the file to FTP. CGStatLink has a built-in FTP client to make this process seamless. In either case, CGStatLink monitors the file for updates and will send the most recent data to your CG within seconds! Manual Mode makes it easy to keep updating game status if your data connection is lost or unavailable.

FTP vs Local File