Lite vs. Pro

CGStatLink Lite- For the Minimal-Budget Sports Information Director

You’re an SID at a DII school that’s been tasked with webstreaming your school’s football games using Wirecast or a Tricaster. You have no budget but the Athletics Director wants it to look as good as possible. You can pay a student to operate a camera, but other than pointing the camera at the scoreboard every few minutes what do you do to show the score? You’re too busy entering game stats in StatCrew to do it yourself. If only there were a way to make your StatCrew entries power your scorebug…

…enter CGStatLink Lite- Football. The answer to your prayers. CGStatLink Lite takes StatCrew’s archive file and makes it accessible to your webstreaming software. Plug in a second monitor to your CGStatLink computer and screen share it to your Tricaster (via iVGA) or Wirecast software (via Desktop Presenter). Any time you update StatCrew, your scorebug will update too! You don’t even need to design the graphics, they come pre-designed! The AD is so impressed he comes up with a little extra cash. You buy the optional Control Surface and suddenly you can animate your scorebug during touchdowns, Sacks, Interceptions, and more!

CGStatLink Pro- For the (Reasonably) Well-Funded Sports Producer

You’re a Sports Producer for a public access channel, regional cable operator, or a high-end webstreaming company. Maybe you have a great scorebug generator already, maybe you don’t. What you DO want is all the latest stats, in real time, supplied to your Compix, Chyron, or other character generator. There’s simply too much for your CG operator to keep up during the game, so you just end up running stats at halftime. Player lower thirds are nothing more then their name, jersey, and hometown. You have a basketball game coming up and the hosting school uses StatCrew…

…enter CGStatLink Pro- Basketball*. First, the SID is your new best friend. Find out their hobbies, get to know them, and butter them up. Using StatCrew’s Cloud Connector, or by sharing a network folder on their network, you can get access to the game’s archive XML file. With CGStatLink Pro you have access to every team and player stat you could want. You want stats on visiting player 34? Click their name in the CGStatLink Pro UI, or key in their jersey number with the optional Control Surface. Within seconds a template-page in your CG updates with the player’s name, hometown, plus their 3 point percentage and total points for the season (and more if you want!) is all there. Your production has never had such versatile graphics!



* CGStatLink Pro- Basketball is still under development.