SuiteCG in the Classroom

It’s about time your sports graphics met your vision. It’s about time your students had the tools to make it happen. It’s about time it didn’t break the budget. It’s about time for SuiteCG.

SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard is a sports-centric graphics system designed by a former educator. Made with schools and budget-conscious live streamers in mind, it’s a unique solution for managing game scorebugs in a way that allows the user to start simple and add the bells and whistles as they gain experience.

Free, professional looking, configurable graphics packages are so much more than just a scorebug. Matchups, Keys to the Game, full screen Sponsor live reads, and more make for all-in-one solution for managing game data as well as presenting the data easily and professionally.

Utilizing Newtek NDI(R) technology, SuiteCG’s graphics feed is accessible to any software based production system that supports NDI… and MOST do! A laptop with an HDMI port can easily connect to hardware switchers for luma or chroma keying of graphics.

Coming Soon: Beginner training videos to ease students in to operating the more complex sports like football.

SuiteCG is free to download and the user interface is unlocked for unrestricted access to tools and features. When unlicensed, the NDI graphics are watermarked and the XML/CSV outputs are scrambled. Student producers and graphics operators can build team profiles for the next game and then email the profile to the instructor. Or they can learn the program by watching the big game on Sunday night and scoring the game on their own. Yes, you heard that correctly, they can watch football for homework!

Product licenses are offered in 1-month, 4-month, 6-month, and 12-month lengths to fit your production needs. No extended contracts or forced auto-renewals. No expensive, proprietary hardware needed. Buy it for as long as you need it.

Try it now and see how SuiteCG can fulfill
your vision for live streaming sports