News and Announcements

Change to Game Clock Output may Affect Users with Third-Party CGs

SuiteCG users that integrate with a third-party CG should take note that after identifying an issue where the game clock was slow to update in certain situations, we have made a permanent change to how we export the game clock data. Game clock will now always write to suitecgclock.xml or .csv, depending on your export settings for third-party CGs. Previously, the game clock only wrote to this file if the clock counted down and displayed 1/10 second intervals in the last minute of the game.

We do not expect this change to affect many customers, as most game templates already counted down and had the 1/10 second setting applied. Customers using the built in NDI graphics will see an improvement, but do not need to apply any changes to their CG Settings. CGs such as LiveText that rely on a broad “watch folder” for data updates are unaffected, however vMix customers or customers that bind game clock data though a data source management tool may need to change their data binding to the suitecgclock file.

This change has been applied to version 0.6.47, which can be downloaded through the SuiteCG License Manager page, accessible from the SuiteCG Main Menu.

Dedicated User Interface for Football/Soccer for MultiSport Scoreboard

We’re excited to announce improved support for football/soccer that includes the following:

  • A dedicated user interface streamlined for football/soccer previously used the generic interface)
  • Added player headshot features
  • Added Red and Yellow card workflow for assigning cards with or without the requirement of a team roster
  • Added Substitution workflow that includes basic animation on the scorebug as well as an optional player In/Out graphic when team rosters are present
  • Updated graphics package to support the various player lower thirds

An informal walk-through of the new user interface is provided below:

This update is available through the website or through the License Manager, accessible from the SuiteCG Main Menu.

Dig… Set… Kill… Volleyball Template and Graphics Package Now Available

We’ve dropped another update, this time for volleyball support. This volleyball interface and graphics package is fairly basic and not where we intend to leave it, but it’s straightforward and easy for the fast pace that comes with volleyball.

This update can be obtained through the SuiteCG License Manager screen. As always, updates can be performed within the License Manager even without a license.

Automatically Display Down and Distance in American Football Graphics Project

We’ve released a minor update that includes a new graphics project for American Football that automatically displays Down and Distance, as well as Ballspot, per the end-user’s option. For more details watch the included tutorial video.

This update is available through the License Manager screen of any existing installation of SuiteCG, regardless of the presence of a product license.

Office Closed The Week of August 12

Our office will be closed for vacation the week of August 12, 2019. We will respond to any inquires when we return. Thank you for your understanding.

Put me in, Coach! SuiteCG 0.6.35 brings Team Rosters, Player Headshots, and More!

SuiteCG is thrilled to announce the release of version 0.6.35, which adds the long-awaited, much-anticipated, highly-deliberated Team Rosters feature! Included in this new release are the following:

  • Importing and Exporting of Team Profiles, including team rosters inside the team profile
  • Importing of team rosters from CSV and tab separated value files
  • Importing and exporting of Match Details to eliminate constantly typing broadcast team and company details with each new game
  • New user interface for American Football with streamlined controls
  • Keyer Opacity feature to blend team logos with graphics to improve chroma and luma keying on hardware switchers
  • Fixed various bugs and small user interface issues
Create rosters with biographical information, headshot, season stats, etc… Sample rosters included, with fun headshots courtesy of

Team Rosters has been planned from the beginning as a key feature of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard, and we’re excited to get it out the door in time for fall sports. Player selection is a breeze. With three clicks (and in about that many seconds) from the user interface you can have a player’s headshots and bio up on the screen. Click to open the roster, click to select the player from large buttons with the players name, uniform, position, a headshot, and then a click in Graphics Control to animate the headshot element.

The new user interface for American Football streamlines the user experience with improved controls, easier corrective actions for those “oops” moments.

In addition to this new release, we’ve also added new tutorial videos to the Knowledge Base, including:

  • Sessions and Templates: Team Details and Match Details which provides a detailed walk-through of creating Team Profiles and adding players to the roster
  • User Interface: American Football which gives an in-depth review of the new American Football UI, including player selections, counter and toggle images, and context values for integrating SuiteCG with third party CGs.
  • Connecting SuiteCG to Hardware Switchers via HDMI answers common questions related to integrating SuiteCG with hardware switcher that do not support NDI natively. Using Newtek’s NDI Studio Monitor and an HDMI cable, set up a computer or laptop in extended display and perform a luma or chroma key on the incoming video feed.

Player headshots are currently supported only in American Football and Baseball/Softball. Other sports will see added capabilities soon.

Download SuiteCG for free evaluation. Data outputs are scrambled unless the MultiSport Scoreboard Module is licensed.

File will download as a .zip.

New Release Coming Soon to Add Team Rosters

Were getting close to a new release that includes support for Team Rosters and player headshots. Stay tuned for updates! We will include this awesome sample roster file so you can play around with it and get familiar with the new tool.

Convert SuiteCG NDI to AirSend for Legacy Tricasters with ZEN RTx

The NDI protocol by Newtek is a pretty amazing thing, but before NDI there was AirSend. You could think of AirSend as the older brother to NDI and it was used almost exclusively for Newtek products. Most people used it for getting graphics, with transparency, from their graphics system, such as LiveText.

When NDI came around, Newtek provided updates for AirSend transmitters to become NDI-enabled but unfortunately they never really provided a means for ALL older Tricasters to get updated to receive NDI. Some Tricasters were able to get updated to software that supported NDI, but some models didn’t have the right hardware and were unable to board the NDI train. And unfortunately, NewTek never provided a means of converting NDI to Airsend.

I approached Martin Kay with ZEN Computer Services in the UK about this predicament and have spent the last few weeks working with him to test the addition of AirSend conversion to his ZEN RTx re-transmitter application. While NDI is certainly a better technology than AirSend, there are still plenty of schools and non-profits that are using the older Tricasters and can’t take advantage of NDI and simply don’t have the funds to upgrade. Now they will have that ability at no cost thanks to ZEN RTx. ZEN RTX will work with any NDI source, not just SuiteCG.

Here is a quick look at the conversion in action.

A few caveats:

1. The AirSend conversion does not convert audio. All video sources will have audio stripped from them.

2. As shown in the video, the conversion does add some latency. This will probably vary based on system specs, but in this video the latecy looked to be about .2 seconds.

3. An unknown error prevents running the application on Windows 7. This may or may not be fixed given the trend toward NDI-enabled Tricasters and Windows 10 operating systems.

Anyone interested in trying this out can download RTx, as well as some other interesting NDI utilities, from Martin does a lot of audiovisual/broadcasting services so if you’re in the UK, I recommend him for any equipment needs you might have.

A HUGE thanks to Martin Kay of ZEN Computer Services for working with me on this and providing a means for unlocking NDI for Tricaster users who until now have been locked out of NDI.

Play Ball! New Baseball/Softball User Interface for MultiSport Scoreboard

While work continues on the team rosters and player selection features, we have also been working on some tools to help expedite the creation of new sport user interfaces.

In testing that tool, and with feedback from MultiSport Scoreboard users, we have pushed out a new update with much-improved controls for Baseball/Softball. Take a look!

This version is available to download now from the website or through the SuiteCG License Manager screen.

Automate Game Clocks with New Clock Camera Feature

SuiteCG is excited to announce release 0.5.41 that includes a new feature: Clock Cameras. This new feature will allow users to point a camera (or two if needed) at the arena scoreboard and/or secondary clock display for the purpose of cropping the clocks and inserting them in to the scorebug and/or other graphics where the clock is desired.

2018-12-03-Clock Camera Feature Screenshot

Clock signals must be available as an NDI feed, which would require either a capture card or USB capture dongle and the free Newtek Connect program to convert the camera feed in to NDI. As opposed to performing a clock overlay inside of your production software, and then removing the overlay prior to displaying over graphics, these embedded clock feeds are a part of the graphics and will animate in and out along with the graphic of which they are a part. This new feature eliminates the need to track the clock manually, freeing up the operator for other tasks. While it lacks the more polished look of a pure digital text field, it has proven a more reliable method of clock insertion over OCR applications where cloudy skies and changing brightness and contrast can fool the OCR in to resolving digits incorrectly. While we are exploring external data solutions, like OCR and scoreboard data feeds, we believe live camera feeds are a fast, safe, and reliable method of providing your viewers with an accurate clock for your sports productions.

This new release is now available to download from the website or through the SuiteCG License Manager for anyone who has downloaded an earlier version of the program. Basketball, football (American), and football (soccer) graphics packages have been updated to support the clock camera feeds.

We have also added a Tutorial Video to the Knowledge Base explaining how to configure Clock Cameras.

A full list of SuiteCG updates can be found in the Changelog.

A special thanks to the University of Northwestern- St. Paul for their cooperation in recording scoreboard footage.