Changelog- 0.6.186

New Sport: Folkstyle Wrestling

Wrestling support added that includes a comprehensive user interface for both Team and Individual competition. Support is included for weight classes, including the addition of weight classes on an as-needed basis, mat and bout numbers, period clocks, and red/green color assignments. Individual and Team points are tracked and the scorebug indicates not only points but also the type of move/decision such as Escape, Reversal, and Minor/Major Decision, Pin Fall, etc…

Special attention was given to implementing an “On Deck” workflow so competitors could be assigned to the upcoming bout/weight class as soon as that information is available to the graphics operator.

Sport Update: Hockey

Penalty Clocks now support assigning the type of penalty.

Sport Update: Baseball

Added Easy Mode to make one-man-band productions easier. Easy Mode supports half-innings, Runs, and Outs. It does not support Balls and Strikes.

Baseball graphics packages also updated to allow removal or Balls and Strikes, as well as Outs, if removal of those visuals is desired.


Streamlined some NDI Clock Camera code to reduce bandwidth needs.

Added an option in the Graduation Ceremony module to toggle between two different button sizes for Commencement of Students.

Other various bug fixes and minor updates.

Changelog- 0.6.157

New Feature: Shootout Support

Shootout support to allow for goals and misses in shootout scenarios.

New Feature: Secondary Clocks

Secondary Clocks allow additional clocks that can run independently or “subscribe” to another clock to tick in sync.

New Feature: Roster Sort and Filter

When selecting a player for a player slot, such as for a lower third, penalty, etc… the popup now provides several sort and filter options. Users can sort by Uniform number, first name, last name, or position. A search filter allows keyword search by all fields. Search filter will clear upon the closing of the popup. Two persistent filters are included, which will remain active through the game session until manually cleared.

Sport Update: Hockey and Soccer

Shootout support added.

Sport Update: Baseball

Added additional graphics package for 7-inning contests.

Sport Update: Hockey

Added penalty clocks and reworked player on ice workflow to streamline operator experience. Players on Ice now auto calculates based on active penalty clocks. Penalty clocks automatically tick with game clock and will increase or decrease with game clock revisions. For example, manually adding 2 seconds to the game clock will also add 2 seconds to any penalty clock that is currently active. Penalty clocks will persist in to subsequent periods. Added Powerplay Goals as a new stat, since Players on Ice is no longer tracked as a Specialty Counter. Lastly, added intermission clock and new variable called “Interstitial Context” that allows user options like “End of 1st”, “1st Intermission”, and “Start of 2nd”. Graphics package includes support for these new features.

New Sport: Tennis

Tennis interface allows for both single and doubles play. Allows tracking of game, set, and match points. Graphics package includes several configuration options.


Fixed issue where default fonts were not always installed, causing graphics packages to display incorrect font.

Other various bug fixes and minor updates.