Changelog- 0.6.57

Added Hockey user interface and graphics project

Updated to NDI 4.0 libraries

Changed built-in graphics preview monitor for greater reliability and support for image transparency

Changelog- 0.6.45

Added dedicated football/soccer user interface and graphics package to include player headshots, red and yellow cards, and substitutions.

Added warning to roster CSV and TSV import when file import fails due to file lock when importing file is still open in another application.

Changelog- 0.6.36

Revised graphics project for American Football to automate down and distance and Ballspot animations, per the user’s choice, when distance or ballspot values change.

Changelog- 0.6.35

  • Importing and Exporting of Team Profiles, including team rosters inside the team profile
  • Importing of team rosters from CSV and tab separated value filesImporting and exporting of Match Details to eliminate constantly typing broadcast team and company details with each new game
  • New user interface for American Football with streamlined controls
  • Keyer Opacity feature to blend team logos with graphics to improve chroma and luma keying on hardware switchers
  • Fixed various bugs and small user interface issues

Changelog- 0.6.7

Revised baseball/softball user interface and template. This update renders old saved baseball templates and saved sessions incompatible with the new user interface.

Changelog- 0.5.40

New Features

  • Added Clock Camera feature to permit embedding live video of scoreboard clocks in to SuiteCG graphics packages
  • Added option to CG Settings to provide improved alpha blending to graphics packages, at a small cost to CPU usage
  • Updated libraries to NDI 3.7

Bug Fixes

  • NDI feeds now work when the localhost is not connected to a LAN