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SuiteCG Adds Support for Graduation Ceremonies

The last few months have been interesting times for everyone. With all sports cancelled, many producers have shifted to offering other online services, including graduation ceremonies.

We’ve spent some time modifying MultiSport Scoreboard to meet an important need for those producers. Basic lower thirds for guest speakers is fairly easy, but managing the list of names for students as they walk the stage, either in person or virtually, is a different matter all it’s own. We’ve repurposed the Sponsor Carousel feature to meet that need, including a basic user interface for manually advancing student names or allowing it to play on a timed interval, as well as importing the student list from a CSV file all at once.

We’ve included a simple but elegant graphics package to use with our built-in NDI CG, and as always, the data fields are exported to XML or CSV to use with third-party systems.

We see potential for this interface in more traditional podcasts and shows with guests as well.

Version 0.6.72 is now available to download for free evaluation or from the SuiteCG License Manager.

Hockey Support Now Available in SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard

SuiteCG is excited to announce a new release that adds Hockey support for MultiSport Scoreboard. This release also updates SuiteCG to NDI 4.0.

One of the best features of hockey support is the ease at which Power Plays and Players on Ice are automatically displayed in the built-in graphics package. Power Play tabs automatically reveal and hide based on the number of players on ice for each team, meaning the operator only needs to focus on the number of players and the software handles the rest. Additionally, Delayed Penalties, Empty Net, player headshots, and players in the penalty box are easy to update and display with a few quick clicks on the touchscreen-friendly interface.

This is the first of what we plan to be a few updates for hockey. Future updates will address penalty clocks, which are not yet supported.

An informal walk-through of the Hockey user interface is provided below:

Additionally, this update includes NDI 4.0 libraries and we have changed the built-in preview monitor to be more reliable and include transparency.

This update is available through the website or through the License Manager, accessible from the SuiteCG Main Menu.

Changelog- 0.6.57

Added Hockey user interface and graphics project

Updated to NDI 4.0 libraries

Changed built-in graphics preview monitor for greater reliability and support for image transparency

The Puck is About to Drop!

We are really close to getting a release out with hockey support! We have a few tweaks to make and get some more testing done (mostly relating to NDI 4.0!) before we can release this to the general public, but we do have a short video for you to salivate over!

Change to Game Clock Output may Affect Users with Third-Party CGs

SuiteCG users that integrate with a third-party CG should take note that after identifying an issue where the game clock was slow to update in certain situations, we have made a permanent change to how we export the game clock data. Game clock will now always write to suitecgclock.xml or .csv, depending on your export settings for third-party CGs. Previously, the game clock only wrote to this file if the clock counted down and displayed 1/10 second intervals in the last minute of the game.

We do not expect this change to affect many customers, as most game templates already counted down and had the 1/10 second setting applied. Customers using the built in NDI graphics will see an improvement, but do not need to apply any changes to their CG Settings. CGs such as LiveText that rely on a broad “watch folder” for data updates are unaffected, however vMix customers or customers that bind game clock data though a data source management tool may need to change their data binding to the suitecgclock file.

This change has been applied to version 0.6.47, which can be downloaded through the SuiteCG License Manager page, accessible from the SuiteCG Main Menu.

Dedicated User Interface for Football/Soccer for MultiSport Scoreboard

We are excited to announce improved support for football/soccer that includes the following:

  • A dedicated user interface streamlined for football/soccer previously used the generic interface)
  • Added player headshot features
  • Added Red and Yellow card workflow for assigning cards with or without the requirement of a team roster
  • Added Substitution workflow that includes basic animation on the scorebug as well as an optional player In/Out graphic when team rosters are present
  • Updated graphics package to support the various player lower thirds

An informal walk-through of the new user interface is provided below:

This update is available through the website or through the License Manager, accessible from the SuiteCG Main Menu.

Changelog- 0.6.45

Added dedicated football/soccer user interface and graphics package to include player headshots, red and yellow cards, and substitutions.

Added warning to roster CSV and TSV import when file import fails due to file lock when importing file is still open in another application.