Why is the clock not updating in my third-party CG?

SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard has a lot of data to export for third-party CGs. The process of writing the XML and/or CSV file is fast, but not fast enough when the clock is updating at 1/10 intervals under one minute.

To accommodate faster output of the clock, SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard exports TWO files: suitecg.xml/.csv, and suitecgclock.xml/.csv. The primary (first) file exports all data. The secondary (second) file exports just the game clock.

If you are running the clock with 1/10 seconds UNCHECKED, all data including the clock is exported to the primary file. The secondary file is unused.

If the 1/10 second setting is CHECKED, then the primary file will not include the clock data. The secondary file is used exclusively for the clock.

If you are not seeing the clock update in your third-party CG, check to make sure you are linking to the appropriate data file based on your clock needs.