The NDI Preview/Confidence Monitor in the User Interface is not displaying anything

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There are a few reasons the NDI confidence monitor may stop working.

1. The computer machine name exceeds 15 characters. If you gave your computer a name like “LAPTOP-SUITECG-1” (16 characters) instead of “LAPTOP-SUITECG1” (15 characters). Windows will only identify the machine as the first 15 characters, where SuiteCG will still search for the machine name based on the 16 character count.

2. Rapid moving of the application window, especially across multiple screens, can cause the viewer to fail.

3. An extended monitor was plugged in or unplugged, causing the operating system to reconfigure the display settings for the new configuration.

When in doubt, Click the “CG Settings” tab, then click back on the “Graphics Control” tab and wait 5-10 seconds to see if the viewer re-appears, should it fail in the middle of a session.

In rare cases, the application may need to be restarted.

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