CGStatLink Lite- Football v1.0.1.0 is Finally Here!

Incredibly easy scorebugs for almost any production system is finally here! We’re excited to announce that CGStatLink Lite- Football is finally available for trial download!

While some features are still unfinished, this version includes the following:

  1. Internal CG (requires a second computer monitor) to provide an HD, multi-page CG that can be used with:
    a. Wirecast via Local Desktop Presenter
    b. Tricasters via iVGA
    c. Blackmagic ATEM via HDMI connection
    d. Any production system with a screen sharing, keyable network input
    e. Any production system with HDMI, keyable inputs (or HD-SDI with converter)
  2. A FREE 14-page CG project file for the Internal CG, with a similar project file available for NewTek LiveText. Scorebug project file also available for Livestream Studio 2.0, with more Studio templates forthcoming. These are all downloadable from here!
  3. The Internal CG projects cannot be customized at this time, but a Project Editor is on our project roadmap.


If you’re already using StatCrew to update your live stats, double your efficiency– use it to add an instant scoring graphic to your webcast without extra staffing! If you’re not using StatCrew, you still can enjoy fast and easy scorebug control with CGStatLink!