Farewell 2017 Development, Hello 2018 Release

Happy New Year! We have started a closed beta testing process of SuiteCG. We have a number of tasks to wrap up before we are comfortable releasing to the general public, but here is what we can say at this point:


1. The first release will include support for Basketball and Baseball/Softball, including a feature-packed graphics package for each sport.

2. Additional sports will follow soon after.

3. Initial release will not include support for sponsors or rosters, but will include clock.

4. Each sport will have its own, much larger user interface tailored to its specific needs, as seen below with baseball/softball (as shown in the featured image).

5. Pricing will be forthcoming soon, as will more detailed information on the website outlining the product.

We thank everyone for their patience as we approach the finish line to get to our first release! We are looking forward to 2018!