Shootouts, More Clocks, More Sports! Long-Awaited SuiteCG Update is HERE!

It’s been a very long time coming but the wait is over and we’re excited to announce an update for SuiteCG. There is no video tutorial to go along with this update but stay tuned for future announcements with video tutorials on the various new features.

As a general overview, this new update includes new features for shootouts, such as in soccer, hockey, and lacrosse (LAX support in development). Also included are some sort/filter features when selecting players for lower thirds, etc…

Easy to use Shootout controls allow for goal, miss, and auto calculation of which team wins the shootout

But the biggest update, which we took our time to carefully build, test, revise, re-test, etc… to ensure it works to expectations, is the inclusion of multiple clocks. First and foremost, this benefits games like hockey and lacrosse where penalty clocks are an important piece of the scorebug. Penalty clocks will sync with the game clock to start/stop and add/subtract time with the game clock. No need to start/stop/edit multiple clocks if the operator was too slow to stop the game clock! And when it comes to the free hockey graphics package, whether you have a single penalty clock or penalties for each team, or penalties of differing lengths, the scorebug will show an individual team Powerplay, or an “On Ice” drop down, and will always show the clock that is closest to zero.

Additionally, multiple clocks have allowed us to create intermission and halftime clocks. This is only implemented in hockey intermissions at the moment, but we will be adding halftime clocks to other sports as well in the coming months. We will cover the hockey updates in a video tutorial in a later update.

Once set, a penalty clock will sync with the game clock to count down, and add/remove seconds as the game clock is adjusted. The type of penalty is also stored. Working with the optional roster/player selection feature, you can show who is in the penalty box and what penalty they are serving.

Another big update is the addition of tennis as a new sport! Support is included now but training videos will be forthcoming. We’ve made sure to provide a user interface that allows for singles and doubles, allows for tracking who is serving, who is what side of the court, advantage and tie breaker points, and tracking games, sets, and match points.

Singles, doubles, advantage points, tie breaker points… from game, set, to match, we have it all covered

In the coming months we will be providing official support for lacrosse, now that penalty clocks are completed, and will be adding support for folk-style wrestling, which is already in the testing stage. Other features are in the works as well. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked on this big update in-between family, full-time jobs, and the ongoing disruptions to general life with the pandemic for the last two years. We are excited to get this release out and get moving on to the next stage of development!

The update is available now at, or from the License Manager in the SuiteCG application!