A Significant Milestone in SuiteCG!

We’ve reached an important milestone in the development of SuiteCG’s MultiSport Scoreboard module!

The MultiSport Scoreboard module is designed to be extremely flexible for the end user, allowing you to tweak the game session. All of these refinements are done in something we call the Session Editor. MultiSport Scoreboard will include some pre-made templates for a variety of sports. These can be used right from the get-go. But with CGStatLink, one thing we learned was that this user or that user really wanted to be able to do X, Y, or Z, and they couldn’t do it without the feature being hard-coded in to the application. Our goals with the Session Editor are as follows:

  • Allow fine-tuning of game sessions by the end-user, including clock duration, increasing or decreasing the number of periods for a game,
  • Allow non-English users to name game periods, pregame, postgame, etc…, UI controls, and game-specific vocabulary (ie. the word ‘inning’ or the phrase ‘nth and Goal’) in their native language
  • Allow a single button to execute several game controls at once. These ‘trigger’ buttons can be customized¬† so the end-user can develop custom salvo controls.

We recently finished development of this portion of the module, which was critical framework for the overall functionality of the application.

Our next step is implementing Data Mapping. The first release of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard will only support manual controls, but the Data Mapping framework will allow us to add various external sources in the future such as StatCrew and other stat-tracking programs (as those companies allow us), scoreboards, and more. We anticipate this will be an intimidating part of the UI for most users at first, so we will be creating a built-in tutorial and walk-through to help make sure you can map external data properly.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this development process. We’ve put in great effort to develop an intuitive interface that can be adapted to a variety of sports, and have tried to anticipate the needs of a user-base that spans the globe.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we will soon be able to start posting some photos of the UI and more!