Behind the Scenes Look Coming Soon

The last month has been pretty exciting for SuiteCG. We’ve spent the time working out some key features with data toggles. These will allow you to activate a scorebug element like “Touchdown” or “Goal.” And those elements will auto-expire, meaning you click once and the element will disappear after a few seconds. We’ve also been refining the UI to make it a little more touchscreen friendly with larger buttons. Plus, we’ve streamlined some of the menus and configuration screens to make customization faster.

While the UI has become, in general, more complex that originally planned, we feel that with some solid training videos, the program will become a powerful tool for scoreboard control.

The initial release will not have Internal CG support but will have XML and CSV data output for third-party CGs.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for some screenshots or maybe even a behind the scenes video of progress!