SuiteCG Adds Support for Graduation Ceremonies

The last few months have been interesting times for everyone. With all sports cancelled, many producers have shifted to offering other online services, including graduation ceremonies.

We’ve spent some time modifying MultiSport Scoreboard to meet an important need for those producers. Basic lower thirds for guest speakers is fairly easy, but managing the list of names for students as they walk the stage, either in person or virtually, is a different matter all it’s own. We’ve repurposed the Sponsor Carousel feature to meet that need, including a basic user interface for manually advancing student names or allowing it to play on a timed interval, as well as importing the student list from a CSV file all at once.

We’ve included a simple but elegant graphics package to use with our built-in NDI CG, and as always, the data fields are exported to XML or CSV to use with third-party systems.

We see potential for this interface in more traditional podcasts and shows with guests as well.

Version 0.6.72 is now available to download for free evaluation or from the SuiteCG License Manager.