SuiteCG Adds Support for Graduation Ceremonies

The last few months have been interesting times for everyone. With all sports cancelled, many producers have shifted to offering other online services, including graduation ceremonies.

We’ve spent some time modifying MultiSport Scoreboard to meet an important need for those producers. Basic lower thirds for guest speakers is fairly easy, but managing the list of names for students as they walk the stage, either in person or virtually, is a different matter all it’s own. We’ve repurposed the Sponsor Carousel feature to meet that need, including a basic user interface for manually advancing student names or allowing it to play on a timed interval, as well as importing the student list from a CSV file all at once.

We’ve included a simple but elegant graphics package to use with our built-in NDI CG, and as always, the data fields are exported to XML or CSV to use with third-party systems.

We see potential for this interface in more traditional podcasts and shows with guests as well.

Version 0.6.72 is now available to download for free evaluation or from the SuiteCG License Manager.

XMLDownloader with Stretch Internet Integration for CGStatLink

Integrating your StatCrew XML file in to CGStatLink Baseball/Softball and CGStatLink Football just became easier for customers of Stretch Internet. CGStatLink already offers the ability to grab your XML file from across your campus network, as well as by FTP. But customers of Stretch Internet now have an even easier way to automate their scorebug with a new, free utility called XML Downloader. All you need is your Game ID.

Check out the video for instructions, and click here to Download XML Downloader.

Stretch Internet may chose at their discretion to discontinue support for XML Downloader at some point in the future, but until that time, customers can feel free to utilize this free tool to make scorebug automation with CGStatLink even easier.

CGStatLink Even Easier to Integrate in Wirecast 6.0.3

Great news today for SuiteCG/CGStatLink users that stream with Wirecast! Version 6.0.3 was released yesterday. Among the list of new features is the ability to auto-update image shots. This is GREAT because it means our dynamic PNG file of the Internal CG can be brought in to Wirecast without needing a second monitor or a screen sharing window!

Check out our new tutorial video outlining the steps:

SECRETS REVEALED! Create Your Own Internal CG Projects! The Tutorial Video that the FBI has Called [REDACTED]!

You’ve been asking for it so we’ve revealed it! While we gear up for our big announcement, we’ve taken some time to demonstrate how you can edit our free graphics packages to design your own projects. We admit that it’s a little cumbersome but it’s the best solution for the time being. You can use this process to design your own project with your school or organization’s unique branding and graphics designs, or just tweak the existing project to suit your fancy.


New Graphics Package Allows Hockey Scoreboards via Basketball Lite!

While we’ve been busy getting the newest features added to Baseball/Softball Lite, we took a little bit of time to create a new Free Graphics Package that will let you control a Hockey Scoreboard via Basketball Lite! Using a few basic tricks you can cheat a hockey scorebug out of Basketball Lite that includes Shots on Goal and a basic Powerplay feature!

Watch here to see how it’s done!

And here are the examples of the Shots on Goal and Powerplay graphics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here for more information about CGStatLink Lite- Basketball, including a 15-day trial download, and click here for our Free Graphics Packages!

CGStatLink Lite- Football 1.0.4 Unveils Single-Monitor Internal CG Support!

We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of CGStatLink Lite- Football has Wirecast support that does away with the need for a second monitor! Version 1.0.4 now includes the option to launch the Internal CG screen sharing as either full screen, or as a self-contained window. Find out more in the video below!


Download Trial Large Order Now Large

CGStatLink Lite- Football Dynamic Image Output Makes Scorebugs A Breeze with Livestream Studio!

Maintenance release is here and with it, yet another incredibly easy way to export your scorebug to programs like Livestream Studio!

This version adds the following:

  1. Internal CG (which normally requires a second computer monitor) now also exports as a dynamic PNG file to a location of your choosing:
    a. Add as a dynamic image in a Livestream Studio layer (couple with the CSV output to get multiple dynamic pages!)
    b. Save to a Tricaster frame buffer over the network (LiveText NOT required!)
    c. Import to Blackmagic ATEM via JustMacros
    d. Any production system with a dynamic image feature
    e. Wirecast support for this feature is not yet available.
  2. A FREE 14-page CG project file for the Internal CG, with a similar project file available for NewTek LiveText. Scorebug project file also available for Livestream Studio 2.0, with more Studio templates forthcoming. These are all downloadable from here!
  3. Documentation is not yet available, but the Help menu now links to a comprehensive setup tutorial on the website.
  4. The Internal CG projects cannot be customized at this time, but a Project Editor is on our project roadmap.

If you’re already using StatCrew to update your live stats, double your efficiency– use it to add an instant scoring graphic to your webcast without extra staffing! If you’re not using StatCrew, you still can enjoy fast and easy scorebug control with CGStatLink!