CG software

Brief Update Video

We’ve made some big strides in the last few weeks. We have a solid NDI feed being generated for our “basic” scorebug/graphics packages, and are now finishing up the ability to add team logos and sponsor graphics. Once we’re done with that, we will be getting the clock controls added and then polishing the UI a little big for various sport types.

Here is a very short video showcasing the animation features of our football scorebug. What you see is not exhaustive, and once we add the team logos you’ll see logos in the team name boxes, the touchdown animations, and a variety of other full screen graphics.

One the key features of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard is that is so much more than just a scoring graphic. You can track some stats, display points per period (be it quarter, inning, volleyabll sets, etc…) and customize elements of the graphics to meet your needs. If the full range of game status features is beyond your needs, you can customize the graphics to eliminate unwanted data with a few clicks.

We will have more to come soon!


CGStatLink is Becoming SuiteCG

It’s been just a little over a year since the first build of CGStatLink was compiled, and Stream Powered Productions, LLC is excited to announce some big plans on the future of our CG software. Since starting this project as a hobby in March 2014, CGStatLink’s product line has expanded to include four distinct applications– Baseball/Softball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball. As those applications were developed, each new product had some distinctive new features that would benefit previously-released programs. Moving forward we want to contain this “application sprawl” so we can be more responsive to the needs of every customer.

We’ve also had time to explore new avenues and directions for our Internal CG. The product demand and scope has grown to meet the needs of more than just the sports webstreaming market. We have also (not surprisingly) continually seen the pressing need for a Project Editor to allow users to create their own CG pages with ease.

As such, CGStatLink is becoming SuiteCG, a single suite-based CG application that will feature the following:

  1. A single application with a growing number of modules that customers can access at anytime for demo purposes.
  2. Each module individually licensed, allowing customers to purchase only what they need.
  3. A Project Editor for the creation of multi-page projects for our Internal CG, while still maintaining XML and CSV output methods for external CG’s.
  4. A “studio” module for talkshows and other everyday productions.
  5. A robust and easy to use multi-sport module for basic scoreboard control of multiple types of sports, plus an enhanced version for player headshots.
  6. Eventually wrapping the CGStatLink product line in to SuiteCG as specific modules, and growing our sport-specific options.

CGStatLink products will continue to be sold and available for some time. We will not discontinue any CGStatLink product until its SuiteCG counterpart is available.

We firmly believe this new direction will allow us to better respond to new features across different modules and create a solid product that will be useful across production platforms.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for details about SuiteCG and how this new product will unfold!