Sunset Approaches for CGStatLink Products

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost four and a half years since the first CGStatLink product for Baseball/Softball was released. We… kind of knew what we were doing. There was a lot of stumbling around and figuring things out as we went. We’ll never forget how excited we were when, after a month of having a working product, we finally had our first paying customer! Looking back at our build archive, I found our very first working build. I didn’t even know if it would run, but it did!

We’ve… come a long way:

And for comparison, the Baseball UI for SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard:

What started out as strictly an StatCrew-to-LiveText converter quickly grew in to something much more, with other sports to support, an unexpected demand for manual controls, and eventually a very basic internal character generator.

It’s bittersweet to say it, but CGStatLink had it’s heyday. It’s time to start wrapping up support of this product line to make way for it’s progeny- SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard.

The sun is starting to set on CGStatLink.

Effective July 13, 2018 we will no longer be offering 4-month licenses of any CGStatLink products. We will continue to offer 1-month and 1-week licenses up until the release of SuiteCG. We have only a few bugs to kick and we are working on our Knowledge Base, which will also serve as the user documentation.

SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard does not currently have any data automation features. To this end, CGStatLink Football and Baseball/Softball will continue to be available to schools requiring XML automation until such time that SuiteCG offers complimentary features. Let me say that again: schools requiring XML automation will be able to still purchase specific CGStatLink products by special request until SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard offers similar features.

MultiSport Scoreboard has taken a lot longer than we had hoped to release, but we hope it will be worth the wait. It is in every way a superior product to CGStatLink, giving the user much more flexibility to adapt the program to their specific needs, providing animated graphics packages via NDI(R), and offering a large, touchscreen-friendly user interface for easy operation.

We will be announcing pricing very soon, as well as pushing some new content updates to the website.

The sun is setting on CGStatLink, but the dawn of SuiteCG is not far behind!


This Update Brought to You By… Bugs!

Bugs… We are done adding features for the initial release and are removing bugs from the software. But we’ve also been ADDING bugs… Sponsor Bugs, that is!

You’ve got make money producing your games, and sponsors are typically the way you do that. The last feature we added focuses on Sponsors. We have a variety of options for recognizing sponsors in your games including a sponsor carousel that will exist as it’s own bug or attached to the scorebug, plus full screen sponsor graphics with live read text built right in the user interface. We also have a text marquee for displaying text advertisements, game information, etc… Watch the video to see it in action! Stay tuned for the initial release and training videos!



Brief Update Video

We’ve made some big strides in the last few weeks. We have a solid NDI feed being generated for our “basic” scorebug/graphics packages, and are now finishing up the ability to add team logos and sponsor graphics. Once we’re done with that, we will be getting the clock controls added and then polishing the UI a little big for various sport types.

Here is a very short video showcasing the animation features of our football scorebug. What you see is not exhaustive, and once we add the team logos you’ll see logos in the team name boxes, the touchdown animations, and a variety of other full screen graphics.

One the key features of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard is that is so much more than just a scoring graphic. You can track some stats, display points per period (be it quarter, inning, volleyabll sets, etc…) and customize elements of the graphics to meet your needs. If the full range of game status features is beyond your needs, you can customize the graphics to eliminate unwanted data with a few clicks.

We will have more to come soon!


SuiteCG Still Alive and Kicking!

Holiday Greetings from SuiteCG!

It’s been way too long since our last update. We are still here, working on the project, but want to quickly address the delays. SuiteCG is a project that the team is committed to, but we also have families and full-time jobs. With those in mind, and all the unexpected challenges that life throws our way, development has simply taken longer than expected. We are very close to a MultiSport Scoreboard module that will offer the basic functionalities that our customers will need to operate a scorebug.

Here are two big steps that we are taking in the coming weeks:

  1. Finishing up some key features related to clocks, toggles, and image serialization to ensure you have everything you need for scorebug operations.
  2. Adding “basic” (but still VERY comprehensive) NDI-enabled, sport-specific scorebugs. These will not be editable, but will have some limited customization to them. You WILL be impressed!
  3. Hiring another developer to work exclusively on Studio Editor, which will allow users to create their own multi-page CG projects.

We really do appreciate everyone’s patience. Believe us when we say that no one wants to get MultiSport Scoreboard released more than we do! Our first public release will be missing some secondary features, but we are making a commitment to getting the primary features done right before releasing to the public. Again, thank you for your patience!


Behind the Scenes Look Coming Soon

The last month has been pretty exciting for SuiteCG. We’ve spent the time working out some key features with data toggles. These will allow you to activate a scorebug element like “Touchdown” or “Goal.” And those elements will auto-expire, meaning you click once and the element will disappear after a few seconds. We’ve also been refining the UI to make it a little more touchscreen friendly with larger buttons. Plus, we’ve streamlined some of the menus and configuration screens to make customization faster.

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We’re Still Here!

It’s been several weeks since our last update…

We’re still alive and kicking but we don’t have a whole lot of interesting things to report.

But if you’re at the College World Series this week and happen to see pitcher and batter stats on the jumbotron, you know where they’re getting that data from. 🙂

We’re working very hard on the foundational work for SuiteCG. We’ve made some big steps in the last few weeks on user interface design work, including how licensing for different modules will work. We’ve taken in lots of ideas and suggestions from our customers and we think we’ll be delivering a fantastic product that will satisfy a wide range of users and budgets.

We thank you for your patience and will post updates as we can!

CGStatLink Even Easier to Integrate in Wirecast 6.0.3

Great news today for SuiteCG/CGStatLink users that stream with Wirecast! Version 6.0.3 was released yesterday. Among the list of new features is the ability to auto-update image shots. This is GREAT because it means our dynamic PNG file of the Internal CG can be brought in to Wirecast without needing a second monitor or a screen sharing window!

Check out our new tutorial video outlining the steps:

CGStatLink is Becoming SuiteCG

It’s been just a little over a year since the first build of CGStatLink was compiled, and Stream Powered Productions, LLC is excited to announce some big plans on the future of our CG software. Since starting this project as a hobby in March 2014, CGStatLink’s product line has expanded to include four distinct applications– Baseball/Softball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball. As those applications were developed, each new product had some distinctive new features that would benefit previously-released programs. Moving forward we want to contain this “application sprawl” so we can be more responsive to the needs of every customer.

We’ve also had time to explore new avenues and directions for our Internal CG. The product demand and scope has grown to meet the needs of more than just the sports webstreaming market. We have also (not surprisingly) continually seen the pressing need for a Project Editor to allow users to create their own CG pages with ease.

As such, CGStatLink is becoming SuiteCG, a single suite-based CG application that will feature the following:

  1. A single application with a growing number of modules that customers can access at anytime for demo purposes.
  2. Each module individually licensed, allowing customers to purchase only what they need.
  3. A Project Editor for the creation of multi-page projects for our Internal CG, while still maintaining XML and CSV output methods for external CG’s.
  4. A “studio” module for talkshows and other everyday productions.
  5. A robust and easy to use multi-sport module for basic scoreboard control of multiple types of sports, plus an enhanced version for player headshots.
  6. Eventually wrapping the CGStatLink product line in to SuiteCG as specific modules, and growing our sport-specific options.

CGStatLink products will continue to be sold and available for some time. We will not discontinue any CGStatLink product until its SuiteCG counterpart is available.

We firmly believe this new direction will allow us to better respond to new features across different modules and create a solid product that will be useful across production platforms.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for details about SuiteCG and how this new product will unfold!

Baseball/Softball 2.0 now Available!

We’re pleased to announce the release of CGStatLink lite- Baseball/Softball 2.0! Baseball/Softball Lite features, among other things:

1. A much, much, MUCH improved UI for Manual Control.

2. The multi-page Internal CG that is standard with our other applications, including dynamic PNG output.

3. Manual controls, data automation, and output elements for inning linescores, R/H/E and left on base.

4. A free graphics package that can be downloaded from our website, but is included as an attachment in this email.


Product Header- Baseball Lite


This will be the first of several small updates. The final documentation is still being written, and there are a few known bugs that we will be clearing up very quickly.

Find out more here and download our free Graphics Package!

Volleyball, Tennis Graphics Package now Available for Basketball Lite

We’re very close to completing Baseball/Softball 2.0! In the mean time, we’re excited to provide this new free graphics package for Volleyball that is compatible with the Basketball Lite application! Instructions on how to control the graphics with the Basketball application are included with the graphics package.

This graphics package can also be used for just about any sport that goes by Sets, like tennis, table tennis, etc…

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Click here for more information about CGStatLink Lite- Basketball, including a 15-day trial download, and click here for our Free Graphics Packages!