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Convert SuiteCG NDI to AirSend for Legacy Tricasters with ZEN RTx

The NDI protocol by Newtek is a pretty amazing thing, but before NDI there was AirSend. You could think of AirSend as the older brother to NDI and it was used almost exclusively for Newtek products. Most people used it for getting graphics, with transparency, from their graphics system, such as LiveText.

When NDI came around, Newtek provided updates for AirSend transmitters to become NDI-enabled but unfortunately they never really provided a means for ALL older Tricasters to get updated to receive NDI. Some Tricasters were able to get updated to software that supported NDI, but some models didn’t have the right hardware and were unable to board the NDI train. And unfortunately, NewTek never provided a means of converting NDI to Airsend.

I approached Martin Kay with ZEN Computer Services in the UK about this predicament and have spent the last few weeks working with him to test the addition of AirSend conversion to his ZEN RTx re-transmitter application. While NDI is certainly a better technology than AirSend, there are still plenty of schools and non-profits that are using the older Tricasters and can’t take advantage of NDI and simply don’t have the funds to upgrade. Now they will have that ability at no cost thanks to ZEN RTx. ZEN RTX will work with any NDI source, not just SuiteCG.

Here is a quick look at the conversion in action.

A few caveats:

1. The AirSend conversion does not convert audio. All video sources will have audio stripped from them.

2. As shown in the video, the conversion does add some latency. This will probably vary based on system specs, but in this video the latecy looked to be about .2 seconds.

3. An unknown error prevents running the application on Windows 7. This may or may not be fixed given the trend toward NDI-enabled Tricasters and Windows 10 operating systems.

Anyone interested in trying this out can download RTx, as well as some other interesting NDI utilities, from Martin does a lot of audiovisual/broadcasting services so if you’re in the UK, I recommend him for any equipment needs you might have.

A HUGE thanks to Martin Kay of ZEN Computer Services for working with me on this and providing a means for unlocking NDI for Tricaster users who until now have been locked out of NDI.

Play Ball! New Baseball/Softball User Interface for MultiSport Scoreboard

While work continues on the team rosters and player selection features, we have also been working on some tools to help expedite the creation of new sport user interfaces.

In testing that tool, and with feedback from MultiSport Scoreboard users, we have pushed out a new update with much-improved controls for Baseball/Softball. Take a look!

This version is available to download now from the website or through the SuiteCG License Manager screen.

Automate Game Clocks with New Clock Camera Feature

SuiteCG is excited to announce release 0.5.41 that includes a new feature: Clock Cameras. This new feature will allow users to point a camera (or two if needed) at the arena scoreboard and/or secondary clock display for the purpose of cropping the clocks and inserting them in to the scorebug and/or other graphics where the clock is desired.

2018-12-03-Clock Camera Feature Screenshot

Clock signals must be available as an NDI feed, which would require either a capture card or USB capture dongle and the free Newtek Connect program to convert the camera feed in to NDI. As opposed to performing a clock overlay inside of your production software, and then removing the overlay prior to displaying over graphics, these embedded clock feeds are a part of the graphics and will animate in and out along with the graphic of which they are a part. This new feature eliminates the need to track the clock manually, freeing up the operator for other tasks. While it lacks the more polished look of a pure digital text field, it has proven a more reliable method of clock insertion over OCR applications where cloudy skies and changing brightness and contrast can fool the OCR in to resolving digits incorrectly. While we are exploring external data solutions, like OCR and scoreboard data feeds, we believe live camera feeds are a fast, safe, and reliable method of providing your viewers with an accurate clock for your sports productions.

This new release is now available to download from the website or through the SuiteCG License Manager for anyone who has downloaded an earlier version of the program. Basketball, football (American), and football (soccer) graphics packages have been updated to support the clock camera feeds.

We have also added a Tutorial Video to the Knowledge Base explaining how to configure Clock Cameras.

A full list of SuiteCG updates can be found in the Changelog.

A special thanks to the University of Northwestern- St. Paul for their cooperation in recording scoreboard footage.

SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard is Here!

Welcome to the world, SuiteCG! We’ve been waiting a long time and now you’re ready for the world!

SuiteCG is now available for Download as well as purchase. A big thank you for your patience as we worked out all the small details over the past months. We still have more to add like team rosters and increase the number of sports we’ll offer. We also have a lot of Knowledge Base articles to complete.

Football (American) season is upon us and we have a crash course instructional video on the football user interface. Be sure to check it out:

Instructional videos on other sports will be posted over the next few weeks.

Check out our new MultiSport Scoreboard Product Page for Compatibility Matrix, Supported Sports, the download link, and pricing options! This is just the beginning, there’s lots more to come from SuiteCG!


Knowledge Base Taking Shape… SuiteCG Release Imminent

We know you’re (im)patiently waiting for the release of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard. We are too! Our closed-group of testers have already had a chance to use it over the last few days to help us work out any unexpected kinks in the football user interface and it was well-worth it. We’ve discovered a few small items that we need to fix before we can release, and we’re working on finishing the Knowledge Base, which can now be found in the Support section of the website main menu.

We expect the release of SuiteCG very soon!

American Football Graphics Package for SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard

A showcase of the features of the American Football Graphics Package included with SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard. No download required.



Sunset Approaches for CGStatLink Products

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost four and a half years since the first CGStatLink product for Baseball/Softball was released. We… kind of knew what we were doing. There was a lot of stumbling around and figuring things out as we went. We’ll never forget how excited we were when, after a month of having a working product, we finally had our first paying customer! Looking back at our build archive, I found our very first working build. I didn’t even know if it would run, but it did!

We’ve… come a long way:

And for comparison, the Baseball UI for SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard:

What started out as strictly an StatCrew-to-LiveText converter quickly grew in to something much more, with other sports to support, an unexpected demand for manual controls, and eventually a very basic internal character generator.

It’s bittersweet to say it, but CGStatLink had it’s heyday. It’s time to start wrapping up support of this product line to make way for it’s progeny- SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard.

The sun is starting to set on CGStatLink.

Effective July 13, 2018 we will no longer be offering 4-month licenses of any CGStatLink products. We will continue to offer 1-month and 1-week licenses up until the release of SuiteCG. We have only a few bugs to kick and we are working on our Knowledge Base, which will also serve as the user documentation.

SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard does not currently have any data automation features. To this end, CGStatLink Football and Baseball/Softball will continue to be available to schools requiring XML automation until such time that SuiteCG offers complimentary features. Let me say that again: schools requiring XML automation will be able to still purchase specific CGStatLink products by special request until SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard offers similar features.

MultiSport Scoreboard has taken a lot longer than we had hoped to release, but we hope it will be worth the wait. It is in every way a superior product to CGStatLink, giving the user much more flexibility to adapt the program to their specific needs, providing animated graphics packages via NDI(R), and offering a large, touchscreen-friendly user interface for easy operation.

We will be announcing pricing very soon, as well as pushing some new content updates to the website.

The sun is setting on CGStatLink, but the dawn of SuiteCG is not far behind!


This Update Brought to You By… Bugs!

Bugs… We are done adding features for the initial release and are removing bugs from the software. But we’ve also been ADDING bugs… Sponsor Bugs, that is!

You’ve got make money producing your games, and sponsors are typically the way you do that. The last feature we added focuses on Sponsors. We have a variety of options for recognizing sponsors in your games including a sponsor carousel that will exist as it’s own bug or attached to the scorebug, plus full screen sponsor graphics with live read text built right in the user interface. We also have a text marquee for displaying text advertisements, game information, etc… Watch the video to see it in action! Stay tuned for the initial release and training videos!



XMLDownloader with Stretch Internet Integration for CGStatLink

Integrating your StatCrew XML file in to CGStatLink Baseball/Softball and CGStatLink Football just became easier for customers of Stretch Internet. CGStatLink already offers the ability to grab your XML file from across your campus network, as well as by FTP. But customers of Stretch Internet now have an even easier way to automate their scorebug with a new, free utility called XML Downloader. All you need is your Game ID.

Check out the video for instructions, and click here to Download XML Downloader.

Stretch Internet may chose at their discretion to discontinue support for XML Downloader at some point in the future, but until that time, customers can feel free to utilize this free tool to make scorebug automation with CGStatLink even easier.