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This Update Brought to You By… Bugs!

Bugs… We are done adding features for the initial release and are removing bugs from the software. But we’ve also been ADDING bugs… Sponsor Bugs, that is!

You’ve got make money producing your games, and sponsors are typically the way you do that. The last feature we added focuses on Sponsors. We have a variety of options for recognizing sponsors in your games including a sponsor carousel that will exist as it’s own bug or attached to the scorebug, plus full screen sponsor graphics with live read text built right in the user interface. We also have a text marquee for displaying text advertisements, game information, etc… Watch the video to see it in action! Stay tuned for the initial release and training videos!



XMLDownloader with Stretch Internet Integration for CGStatLink

Integrating your StatCrew XML file in to CGStatLink Baseball/Softball and CGStatLink Football just became easier for customers of Stretch Internet. CGStatLink already offers the ability to grab your XML file from across your campus network, as well as by FTP. But customers of Stretch Internet now have an even easier way to automate their scorebug with a new, free utility called XML Downloader. All you need is your Game ID.

Check out the video for instructions, and click here to Download XML Downloader.

Stretch Internet may chose at their discretion to discontinue support for XML Downloader at some point in the future, but until that time, customers can feel free to utilize this free tool to make scorebug automation with CGStatLink even easier.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

We’re getting really close to releasing SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard! Stay tuned for pricing information, system requirements, etc… In the mean time, here is a new Behind the Scenes video focusing on the changes we’ve made to the user interface. The user interface dedicated to game status control has been revised, allowing larger buttons for touchscreen convenience, plus the UI re-configures depending on top/bottom half of the inning, so you only have access to the controls that you need at that time. In the Graphics Package, the scorebug component can be positioned and sized to your needs.

We will be releasing with some features still unavailable, but we quickly approaching the point where enough critical pieces are in place and bugs squashed that we can offer a stable, reliable product to bring easy-to-use graphics to any NDI-enabled production workflow.

As always, game data is exported to either XML or CSV files to incorporate in to third-party character generators!


Farewell 2017 Development, Hello 2018 Release

Happy New Year! We have started a closed beta testing process of SuiteCG. We have a number of tasks to wrap up before we are comfortable releasing to the general public, but here is what we can say at this point:


1. The first release will include support for Basketball and Baseball/Softball, including a feature-packed graphics package for each sport.

2. Additional sports will follow soon after.

3. Initial release will not include support for sponsors or rosters, but will include clock.

4. Each sport will have its own, much larger user interface tailored to its specific needs, as seen below with baseball/softball (as shown in the featured image).

5. Pricing will be forthcoming soon, as will more detailed information on the website outlining the product.

We thank everyone for their patience as we approach the finish line to get to our first release! We are looking forward to 2018!



Brief Update Video

We’ve made some big strides in the last few weeks. We have a solid NDI feed being generated for our “basic” scorebug/graphics packages, and are now finishing up the ability to add team logos and sponsor graphics. Once we’re done with that, we will be getting the clock controls added and then polishing the UI a little big for various sport types.

Here is a very short video showcasing the animation features of our football scorebug. What you see is not exhaustive, and once we add the team logos you’ll see logos in the team name boxes, the touchdown animations, and a variety of other full screen graphics.

One the key features of SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard is that is so much more than just a scoring graphic. You can track some stats, display points per period (be it quarter, inning, volleyabll sets, etc…) and customize elements of the graphics to meet your needs. If the full range of game status features is beyond your needs, you can customize the graphics to eliminate unwanted data with a few clicks.

We will have more to come soon!


Ongoing Progress

Hey everyone,

It’s been way too long since we posted any sort of update. Without going in to details, 2017 has been a challenging year for everyone on our team. Progress has been slow for most of the year but it has recently picked up. We had some unexpected challenges in getting our NDI feed working at an acceptable level, but we are over that hurdle now. Right now we are focusing our attention on getting a few ancillary pieces of our NDI integration hammered out. After that, we will have a few key features to implement still before we can have out first release. It’s taken far longer than we had planned to get to this point, but we are getting close!

As always, we appreciate your patience! Stay tuned for updates!

Behind the Scenes With MultiSport Scoreboard and NDI!

As work continues SuiteCG MultiSport Scoreboard, we wanted to share our newest features with everyone. Long term plans include a project editor to allow for the creation of multi-page CG projects. But in the mean time we’ll be including a robust basic scorebug package for each sport-type that MultiSport Scoreboard supports. And by “basic” we mean loaded with lots of great features that you won’t find just anywhere. Take a look at this new Behind the Scenes video that details:

  • A basic American football graphics package with 5 different pages including opening matchup, keys to the game, and lower third for commercials and timeouts.
  • An American football scorebug with animated tabs, stats, and all sorts of dynamic data (with bugs for other sports being developed).
  • A handful of pop-culture references!

Keep checking back for more updates!



SuiteCG Still Alive and Kicking!

Holiday Greetings from SuiteCG!

It’s been way too long since our last update. We are still here, working on the project, but want to quickly address the delays. SuiteCG is a project that the team is committed to, but we also have families and full-time jobs. With those in mind, and all the unexpected challenges that life throws our way, development has simply taken longer than expected. We are very close to a MultiSport Scoreboard module that will offer the basic functionalities that our customers will need to operate a scorebug.

Here are two big steps that we are taking in the coming weeks:

  1. Finishing up some key features related to clocks, toggles, and image serialization to ensure you have everything you need for scorebug operations.
  2. Adding “basic” (but still VERY comprehensive) NDI-enabled, sport-specific scorebugs. These will not be editable, but will have some limited customization to them. You WILL be impressed!
  3. Hiring another developer to work exclusively on Studio Editor, which will allow users to create their own multi-page CG projects.

We really do appreciate everyone’s patience. Believe us when we say that no one wants to get MultiSport Scoreboard released more than we do! Our first public release will be missing some secondary features, but we are making a commitment to getting the primary features done right before releasing to the public. Again, thank you for your patience!


Behind the Scenes Look at MultiSport Scoreboard

SuiteCG is excited to unveil this first behind the scenes look at our flagship module: MultiSport Scoreboard! There are still a few bugs to work out and features to get in place before our first release, but we wanted to get this out so people can see the flexibility that this program offers for fine-tuning controls to your specific sports and language needs. Take a peek and let us know what you think. Join our Facebook community to discuss and offer feedback!

Behind the Scenes Look Coming Soon

The last month has been pretty exciting for SuiteCG. We’ve spent the time working out some key features with data toggles. These will allow you to activate a scorebug element like “Touchdown” or “Goal.” And those elements will auto-expire, meaning you click once and the element will disappear after a few seconds. We’ve also been refining the UI to make it a little more touchscreen friendly with larger buttons. Plus, we’ve streamlined some of the menus and configuration screens to make customization faster.

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