Activating and Deactivating a License

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Licenses are activated through the License Manager. In the License Manager, click on the module that you want to activate and enter the License ID and password that you received on your emailed invoice. Once activated, you can use the module without restrictions.

A license can be active on only one computer at a time. From time to time it may be necessary to migrate a license from one computer to another. There are two ways to deactivate a license from an installation.

1. SuiteCG License Manager: From the License Manager you can simply click the Deactivate button. This will deactivate the License ID on that computer. You are then free to enter that same ID on another computer.

2. Customer Portal: If your previous computer died or was stolen, you can log in to your Customer Portal account. Once logged in, select “Licenses & Activations” then select the license ID in question. From the License Details page select “Manage Installations.” From here you can see the activation history for the license, and deactivate a specific installation. This will free up the license for activation on another computer.

While running, modules will periodically check in with the SuiteCG licensing system to check for activation status.

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